The Statesmen

by The Statesmen

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David Wilcox
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David Wilcox This track gives me the goosebumps. Period. Unreal. Absolutely unreal. Favorite track: I Don't Know The Man.
Joshua Jensen
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Joshua Jensen Great, catchy album. Good for sunny days and a good, crisp microbrew. Favorite track: Home.
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released March 20, 2012

The Statesmen

Jonah Smith - keys, vocals
Josh Dion - drums, vocals
Scott Metzger - guitar, vocals
Ben Rubin - bass, vocals

Emory Joseph and Andy Stack - Additional Harmony Vocals on "Turning Outside"and "Headlong"

Engineered by Tomek Miernowski
Mixed by D. James Goodwin
Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault
Artwork by Joshua Marc Levy
Executive Produced by Bill Fuhs
Produced by The Statesmen
Recorded at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY



all rights reserved


The Statesmen Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Another Brighter Day
Another Brighter Day

Everyone’s got a flame to feed, a vein to bleed
There’s suffering to be done
Everyone’s got a monkey on their back, a looming heart attack
When there’s nowhere left to run

Everyone’s got masterpiece, some expertise
That’s hiding in their brain
Everyone’s got something to say, an egg to lay
Before they go insane

Another passing chance
A change in circumstance
Another brighter day

We’ve all got a load to bear, some weight to share
That’s heavy on our hearts
Everyone’s got their own dream, though it’s difficult
Difficult to tell us apart

We’ve all been read the riot act, but the facts
Never seem to get in our way
We’re no strangers to heartaches but we’re still looking
Looking for a brighter day

There’s always one more show to play
And another blessed way
Another brighter day

We’ve all got a fleeting chance, a change in circumstance
Is never really too far away
But fate is such fickle friend and in the end
It always seems to get in the way

Everyone’s struck with afflictions
Some contradictions
Living in their head
It’s all just a blessing and a curse
But it could be worse
You know you could be dead

Everyone’s got a price to pay, every day
It’s raining on your head
It’s all just a blessing and a curse
But it could be worse
You know you could be dead
Track Name: Home

I was a locust leaving empty shells in darkened halls
Ignorant to the distant cry of lonely calls
Opened up and seeping into gilded walls
Dreaming up a future for myself

Her little wings drop her safely on the stage
But I must drive for hours before I turn the page
And these little wars within us that we all wage
Leave me staring blindly at the road

I didn’t want to be the one
To tell you about these things I’ve known
How a good world can turn so dark and cold
But all these thoughts surround me
As I make my way back home

Impressions from the night leave a darkened stain
As the lights from the stars begin to wane
And our choices are all the same, normal life and hunger pangs
I feel the miles speed beneath feet

In the daylight of a diner while Brooklyn bound
I greet the yellow day and hear the sound
Of life coursing through the veins of this nowhere town
(home, home)

I didn’t want to be the one
To tell you about these things I’ve known
How a good world can turn so dark and cold
But all these thoughts surround me
As I make my way back home

Doubt will be a part of every dream
But a strong will is enough to keep me on the scene
Sometimes the heart is just a broken machine
(home, home)
Track Name: Headlong

Nearby cell phone rings mix with other things
Like trucks backing up in the distance
In certain instances like this, I reminisce
About a future I once dreamt

And it looks so eerily similar to last winter
That’s it’s hard not to be knocked out
If you’re wondering what’s going on inside my head
Well that’s what I’m thinking about

And it’s Sunday afternoon
And there are strangers in the neighbor’s room
As their cigarette smoke slowly crawls through the walls
And mixes with the city fumes

And we need more of these sunny days to waste
To try to taste, you know this ain’t LA
It was gray all yesterday and for months before
It’s been hard to stay

Nosedive, headlong

And everything’s so simple
Why do I have to go and make it hard
There’s an unbroken bond between us
As the years rust and life lays out in shards

I was running around in circles
Just trying to catch my breath
Am I living how I should be
Or am I just another joker cheating death

Nosedive, headlong

All those forgotten scenes
All those blank face dreams keep coming into mind
And when I turn around to face them
They creep up from behind
Now I’m half-dead just waiting for the dawn
And I’m tired but I’m not all the way gone
Nosedive, headlong

Circumstances being what they are
We stare far off in the distance
Thinking about tomorrow becoming yesterday
On the way to ever since
And were we careful of what we dreamt of
Did we tempt love to call our name
If we let ourselves believe it
You know our lives and our dreams
Are really just the same

Nosedive, headlong